In 2010–2012, something began to change in people’s behavior. The changes happened so slowly and naturally that most of us did not even pay attention to them.

In 2012 Facebook was about to go public and the company focused on growing revenue per user. And since revenue directly depends on…

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As a person who is from a Central Asian country which is in close relation with Russia I have always used some kind of Russian made IT product.

This applies to fintech products too, for example, among others Yandex.Money is one of the finance apps I use in my everyday…

The traditional banking business model is usually using deposits to fund lending offers, however, returns from this model diminishing.

What could be the reason for the failure of the model?

If you think banks are receiving less in deposits then you are probably wrong because US banks alone received a…

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The firm has released software that allows clients to embed banking services into their own products as part of a push to break into the $32 billion a year industry managing cash for big corporations, according to Hari Moorthy, Goldman’s global head of transaction banking.

I think it was a…

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Fintechs, perhaps surprisingly, don’t see a future where they have won and incumbent players have lost.

J.P. Morgan says “challenger banks expense bases are every very well developed and their revenue channels or their ideas for how to monetize their customers are very, very underdeveloped.”

“By far the most popular…

Social media is already part of the everyday life of most people on earth. Currently, no business runs successfully without a social media page and communication with its customers through it.

Banks are no exception in this trend, especially challenger banks took social media to the mainstream.

So, which platforms…

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According to the report “Fintech 2030: The Industry View”, there was a surprising and common opinion: by 2030 there may not be a fintech sector at all.

Fintechs are not predicting their own demise, of course. But there is a serious reflection on what the long-term future of the fintech…


In his book “Digital Bank: Strategies to launch or become a digital bank” Chris Skinner discusses the role of bank branches.

Chris claims the number of bank branches is decreasing from year to year as they are unnecessary in the current digitally connected world.

I agree with the idea, think…

According to Bloomberg, global banks spent over $1 trillion on IT in the three years prior to 2019.

Dramatic? Or not dramatic enough?

“A lot of the tricky stuff in banking uses humans as our last line of defense.

From compliance to analytics, from exception handling to credit risk decisions…


If you have been following my recent posts then you already understand that it is not easy to be fintech anymore.

This case is especially true when it comes to fundraising.

Investors are getting pickier and pickier when it comes to fintech, says Shaun Puckrin, chief product officer, Global Processing…

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Fintech fan, product manager with a marketing and technology background. I love to find simple solutions to complex problems.

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