FTX Collapse: Full impact has yet to be seen; Are BaaS and Open Banking the same?; State of Fintech Q3, 2022;

In this edition:


Is the UK on the right path to regulating crypto?

Coinbase CEO on Binance Buying FTX

Evolution of platforms to Platform-based ecosystems (PBEs)

How fintech in Europe compares with the United States

The biggest challenge Musk’s super app may face is Musk

State of Fintech Q3, 2022

FTX Collapse: Full Impact Has Yet to Be Seen

Are BaaS and Open Banking the same?

UK high street lenders are tightening their stance on cryptocurrencies

Imagine being Elon Musk’s bankers on the Twitter deal

5 kinds of business lending + financing and when to make them available to your customers



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