Mastercard is tracking where, and how, cardholders buy crypto; Binance blockchain suffers $570mn hack; Asset tokenization;

In this edition:

What can Neobanks do to avoid past pitfalls and steer their ventures toward profitability?

But making a super app is hard. Can Musk turn Twitter into one?

Asset tokenization and how it will impact institutional investors

Embedding finance: Marketplaces with David Barton-Grimley | 11:FS Explores

Binance blockchain suffers $570mn hack

Connecting digital islands: CBDCs

Mastercard Is Tracking Where, and How, Cardholders Buy Crypto

FTX v2 will go live in November and will feature an improved order-matching engine

Bringing Web3 to life: Automated lending as an example of what may change

Coinbase beat out other large firms to provide crypto services in Singapore, which continues to send mixed messages to crypto firms.



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